Jan. 22nd, 2007

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I moved to the desert and it SNOWS... at least it didn't accumulate.

*Rare snow storm surprises Arizona*

by AMANDA LEE MYERS, Associated Press Writer 30 minutes ago

PHOENIX - More than a foot of snow fell on parts of northern Arizona, and several more inches were possible Monday, while children as far south as Tucson got a rare chance to play in the snow.

Sunday's storm, one of the strongest of the winter, came amid a wave of storms that have brought snow, ice and strong winds to the Plains region, and also to the Southwest, including Arizona, Texas and New Mexico.

The harsh, frigid conditions were blamed for at least 11 traffic fatalities in the Plains over the weekend.

Southern New Mexico picked up 9 inches on snow on Sunday and Monday, closing 66 miles of the Interstate 24, the state's major north-south highway. "The semi-trucks are having a hard time," State Police Lt. Rick Anglada said, noting that three tractor-trailers had jackknifed on I-25 and 10 to 15 rigs had pulled off the roadway.

Some public schools in the southern and western parts of the state closed Monday.

Although the heaviest snowfall in Arizona on Sunday was in the north, snow also fell in downtown Phoenix and Tucson, which received up to 1 1/2 inches, according to the
National Weather Service.

Danita D'Water said there were huge snowflakes in her neighborhood in far northeast Phoenix.

"The children are running up and down the street, riding their scooters in the snow," she said. "The kids are pretty excited but the adults were out taking pictures."

A winter storm warning remained in effect until noon Monday for parts of northern and northeastern Arizona, with the National Weather Service forecasting up to an additional three inches of snow.

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So, the nominations will be announced tomorrow... I am pretty much bored to tears with this year's potentials, but tradition took over and forced me to make a list... so here goes...

2007 Oscar Nomination Predictions

Best Picture:
The Departed
Little Miss Sunshine
The Queen

Odd Man Out:
United 93
Letters From Iwo Jima

Best Actor:
Forest Whitaker – The Last King of Scotland
Leonardo DiCaprio – The Departed (or for Blood Diamond – SAG classified Leo as Supporting in The Departed and Lead in Blood Diamond)
Will Smith – The Pursuit of Happyness
Peter O’Tool – Venus
Ryan Gosling – Half Nelson

Odd Man Out:
Sacha Baren Cohen – Borat

Best Actress:
Helen Miren – The Queen
Judy Dench – Notes on A Scandal
Meryl Streep – The Devil Wears Prada
Kate Winslet – Little Children
Penelope Cruz – Volver

Odd Man Out:

Best Supporting Actor:
Eddie Murphy – Dreamgirls
Alan Arkin – Little Miss Sunshine
Jackie Earl Haley – Little Children
Djimon Hounsou – Blood Diamond
Brad Pitt – Babel

Odd Man Out:
Jack Nicholson – The Departed
(I’m torn… Pitt and Nicholson are going head to head for the 5th spot here, and I think the voters may be tired of nominating Jack for playing Jack… whereas Pitt made a departure from his norm.)

Best Supporting Actress:
Jennifer Hudson – Dreamgirls
Cate Blanchett – Notes on a Scandal (or Babel; or The Good German)
Adrianna Barraza – Babel
Rinko Kikuchi – Babel
Abigail Breslin – Little Miss Sunshine

Odd Man Out:

Best Director:
Martin Scorsese – The Departed
Bill Condon – Dreamgirls
Stephen Frears – The Queen
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu – Babel
Clint Eastwood – Letters From Iwo Jima

Odd Man Out:
Paul Greengrass – United 93
Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris – Little Miss Sunshine


Best Original Screenplay:
The Queen
Little Miss Sunshine
United 93

Odd Man Out:
Letters from Iwo Jima

Best Adapted Screenplay:
The Departed
Little Children
Thank You For Smoking
Notes on A Scandal

Odd Man Out:
The Devil Wears Prada


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