Aug. 9th, 2007

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So, I'm sort of watching the Daily Show and catching up on Live Journal... and I didn't skip the commercials. An ad from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee came on.

Its no wonder they can't maintain a majority. What a horrible, no good, very bad ad.

Well, at least we can take comfort in the fact that they couldn't afford time on the broadcast stations, so the campaign was relegated to basic cable... But, why is the DCCC even running a national ad campaign? Note to DCCC: Focus your money on in danger or winnable districts. According to most polls, half the country doesn't even know who Nancy Pelosi is and of the ones that do know, half of those don't like her. Showing pictures of her with factoids about the lame things you have gotten done this session IS NOT HELPING YOU. I mean, touting a minimum wage increase? Fine, big pat on the back... but we all know that is not an election altering issue. Children's health coverage? Ooooooh, I'm sure the Republicans were really against you on that one. Veteran health care? Yeah, I'm sure that one took effort to get passed too.

And taking on Georgie Porgie on the war? Lets not call that an accomplishment as of now, m'kay? First you have to actually accomplish something.


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