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Possible Spoilers below

Wow did they go from "lets have a free clinic" to actually *having* said clinic in record time. Perhaps last week's episode was intended to air before the winter break to allow time to pass? Its weird.

I do love it when adult characters temporarily revert to middle schoolers. In response to Dr. O'Malley (George) getting married suddenly to Dr. Torres (Callie), Alex says... "Dude, she's Callie O'Malley." I couldn't help but laugh.

And then there is Dr. Grey... the elder. Man is she a bitch when she is not in her brain plaque induced haze. I've gotta say I am completely unable to buy into this writing choice. I don't care who you were before spending 5 years in a reduced mental state. When you temporarily regain your senses you would be confused, contemplative and doing anything possible to fix the regrets in your life. This woman slipped right back into the past persona that the show has constructed for her. Sorry. Not believable. Though I did buy into her immediate bond with Dr. Yang. At least they got that part right.

Also, I think they tried to show too much medicine tonight. It left me wondering how much of that stuff was even remotely possible. Like, can Alzheimer's patients really wake up one morning and be fine for a day or two? Can chemo treatment and an herbal supplement really cause toxic blood fumes? I could probably find out the answers if I wanted to take the time. But my point is, I shouldn't have to wonder about those things. Stick to what you do well - extraordinarily written melodrama and compelling character driven storylines. And not just the lead characters' stories... also the patients' stories. That is what separates this show from General Hospital. (well, that and good acting, writing and production values)

I do really, really love the show (including this episode), I guess I was felling overly snarky tonight.

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