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Contestants - 1; Latin Flavor - Negative 7

Well, that was even more of a waste of air time than the whole rest of this season put together. I tend to like latin music, so maybe it was J-Lo's coaching that may them all suck the life out of the songs. Well, her coaching and the fact that 50% of them suck anyway. Honestly, you know it was bad when Sanjaya may have had the second best performance of the evening. Even Simon said "It wasn't horrible", which is high praise from the guy who thought Melinda was bad tonight and hasn't had a good thing to say about Sanjaya since the auditions.

The only person who, in my humble (but usually right) opinion, did a great job was Blake. I'm not even sure I can objectively determine how good Blake was, because he was so much better than anyone else. My perspective could be skewed.

Here's my list of the best performances for tonight, which does not change my predictions from 4/3. That list was an overall ranking and elimination order prediction, this one is just for this week.
1) Blake (Always my favorite, and the hottest. None of his usual beatboxing and embellishments tonight, just a genuine performance that sounded great.
2) Sanjaya (With some diction work, this might have actually been GREAT instead of simply passable.)
3) Jordin (once again, the award for emotional depth and an understanding of coloring your performance with different volumes goes to the 17 year old.)
4) Melinda (well, the dress was better tonight, but she still managed to pick an old standard - despite the week's theme. You sing like a God Melinda, but you look and act like someone's grandma.)
5) Lakisha (probably tied with Melinda performance-wise, but she looked like a sausage in that dress. I almost threw up it was so disgusting. Plus, we already had a disadvantaged single mother with a big voice but nothing beyond that as a winner. Sorry Kiki, America has used up their sympathy quota.)
6) Chris R. (No one should sit in Paula's chair for a while. I think it is moist.)
7) Phil (Back to the Ugly Hats tonight, but at least it was mostly obscuring his buggy eyes and oddly shaped chrome dome.)
8) Haley (I think she was trying to emulate J-Lo, because man were those shorts not flattering to her ass. And, her shirt didn't show off her boobs to offset the huge slab of jiggling blubber following her around.)

Seems to me like Phil gets another pass this week because Haley's only advantage was sex appeal and I think she covered up both her sex and her appeal this week.

1) Jordin (was in top three last week)
2) Melinda (was in top three last week)
3) Blake (was in middle three last week)
4) Lakisha (was in top three last week)
5) Chris R. (was in middle three last week)
6) Sanjaya (was in middle three last week)
7) Haley (was #8 last week)
8) Gina (was ELIMINATED last week)
9) Phil (was #7 last week)

Date: 2007-04-11 05:04 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mjschaef.livejournal.com
PS - This post is mostly a lame attempt to replicate my stream-of-consciousness snark that [livejournal.com profile] publius1 misses so much. It works so much better in person and in the moment.

PPS - Thank God "House" was so good tonight, to save my Tuesday night TV fix.

Date: 2007-04-11 06:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] publius1.livejournal.com
Your predictions are regarding? Who should be eliminated? I.E. you see Phil going this week? And Jordin as the current front-runner? I'd put Melinda and Blake at #1 and #2 as far as predictions go...

I knew you'd find Blake attractive. His face is too weird for me, though. When he smiles, he's got this wonderful impish look but otherwise he just seems wholly ordinary to me.

I liked your remark about J-Ho sucking all the life out of the singers, but I actually think it's Phil. he's this bottomless, emotional black hole and he corrupts all in his vampiric wake.


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