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So, I decided to try out Netflix VOD streaming option yesterday. Since my laptop has an HDMI connection, I figured I could hook it in to my entertainment system and see what happens. (I can't fathom the idea of watching a movie on my laptop...)

Technical verdict: Pleased and surprised really. Even over a wireless connection, The buffering was quick and responsive, with no lag at all. And the picture was not bad at all (going from my 15" laptop screen to the 42" plasma) though it was standard definition (sorry Montoya). I don't think Netflix is offering any HD streaming, though I know if they did i would have to hook up a wired network connection.

Movie verdict: I decided to watch a film that was low on my priority list, in case the technical limitations were overly distracting. I ended up choosing a low budget gay-themed independent called Outing Riley. I wasn't expecting much at all, but was rewarded with a real hidden gem. The directing is a bit spotty, and the technical aspect make it clear that there was no budget... but it was well worth the 90 minutes. There is also some use of breaking the 4th wall and speaking directly to the audience. Which almost always means lazy writing... but I was somewhat ok with it here (still, I think its a little lazy).

Interesting points:
1. Nathan Fillion is one of the main characters, and there isn't anything wrong with that - EVER.

2. The director (also the main character) is clearly in love with the city of Chicago. I can't remember ever seeing a movie set in Chicago that filmed the city with such obvious love and respect. There are many, many great shots for those among you who love the city like I do. (Side note to Publius1 - the CNA building makes a very prominent cameo in one shot and another whole scene takes place at the corner of Clark/Barry/Halsted at the Wiener's Circle restaurant).

3. Yes, its gay-themed, and frankly I'm very much over the "gay coming out" storylines, but thankfully, the usual stereotypes and clich├ęs associated with the genre are almost completely avoided. There are actual regular people in this film, and not the usual Perfect People you find in most homo-flicks.

In conclusion - recommended for those times when a big-budget hollywood film isn't on your agenda...


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