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I moved to the desert and it SNOWS... at least it didn't accumulate.

*Rare snow storm surprises Arizona*

by AMANDA LEE MYERS, Associated Press Writer 30 minutes ago

PHOENIX - More than a foot of snow fell on parts of northern Arizona, and several more inches were possible Monday, while children as far south as Tucson got a rare chance to play in the snow.

Sunday's storm, one of the strongest of the winter, came amid a wave of storms that have brought snow, ice and strong winds to the Plains region, and also to the Southwest, including Arizona, Texas and New Mexico.

The harsh, frigid conditions were blamed for at least 11 traffic fatalities in the Plains over the weekend.

Southern New Mexico picked up 9 inches on snow on Sunday and Monday, closing 66 miles of the Interstate 24, the state's major north-south highway. "The semi-trucks are having a hard time," State Police Lt. Rick Anglada said, noting that three tractor-trailers had jackknifed on I-25 and 10 to 15 rigs had pulled off the roadway.

Some public schools in the southern and western parts of the state closed Monday.

Although the heaviest snowfall in Arizona on Sunday was in the north, snow also fell in downtown Phoenix and Tucson, which received up to 1 1/2 inches, according to the
National Weather Service.

Danita D'Water said there were huge snowflakes in her neighborhood in far northeast Phoenix.

"The children are running up and down the street, riding their scooters in the snow," she said. "The kids are pretty excited but the adults were out taking pictures."

A winter storm warning remained in effect until noon Monday for parts of northern and northeastern Arizona, with the National Weather Service forecasting up to an additional three inches of snow.

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I must insist that the "authorities" release the manufacturer and model of this phone. (please let it be a Razr... the chaos that would cause would rock).


VALLEJO, California (AP) -- A cell phone apparently ignited in a man's pocket and started a fire that burned his hotel room and caused severe burns over half his body, fire department officials said.

Luis Picaso, 59, was in stable condition Monday with second- and third-degree burns to his upper body, back, right arm and right leg, Vallejo Fire Department assistant chief Kurt Henke said.

Firefighters arrived at the residential hotel Saturday night to find Picaso lying on the bathroom floor after a malfunctioning cell phone in his pants pocket set fire to his nylon and polyester clothes, Henke said.

The flames spread to a plastic chair, setting off a sprinkler that held the fire in check, he said.

Authorities declined to name the phone's manufacturer and model.

The fire and water caused $75,000 (euro57,955) damage to the room and a business on the ground floor, Henke said.
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Briefly - I'm moved in and mostly unpacked... I promise there will be pictures soon.

Also, its cold here in Phoenix... record cold... they thought it might snow. Could that please not happen? M'kay?
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Even the excitement of moving into a dwelling that you own does not ease the pain of packing and moving. The only good part is that I did hire movers and paid a bit extra to have them pack up the kitchen... which I maintain is the worst room to pack.

OK, back to the boxes and bubble wrap.

Home safe

Jan. 2nd, 2007 04:17 am
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It is now 4:15am Mountain Time and I just arrived home. The flight was delayed three hours because they didn't have any flight attendants. I'm not really sure exactly how that works, but I intend to make some calls and find out. Tired. Must sleep now to be at work in under 5 hours.
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Here's a clip from a Saturday Night Live skit that is freaking hilarious. A good way to waste a couple minutes at work anyway.

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The title says it all.

In Phoenix

Sep. 26th, 2006 06:08 pm
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I'm here... more later. I need some time to do nothing. It's amazing how much long drives can take out of you.
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...you know, prairie dogs, tumbleweeds.

Safe in Albuquerque (via Santa Fe). On to PHOENIX tomorrow!!!

Denver is shiny... I should plan a longer trip there.

Homework to do now... I'll post again tomorrow.
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Only measured in miles instead of minutes. By the time I got out of Nebraska, I was really concerned that I was in a loop. But then I made it to Colorado. Praise Alla. If I never see I-80 again...

I made it to Denver in 7.5 hours, thanks to the 75 mile per hour speed limit through all of Nebraska.

No issues today. Self and dog are resting in the hotel now.

Albuquerque tomorrow!
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Well, actually, the sign didn't say "Welcome to Nebraska" like a normal sign would. I can't remember exactly what it did say, but it boiled down to "no, please... come back." Then, after that, it said "Home of Arbor Day." Seriously, I kid you not. The Cornhuskers should try to find more exciting things to put on their signs. Even something like "Ha ha, you have to drive through here on your way to wherever you are really going" would be better.

In any case, I arrived safely in Omaha at 7pm, exactly 8 hours after starting out. The drive was easy, though rainy. I did have to stop once for about 10 minutes because it was raining too hard to see. Other than that, just various stretches of flat land covered in nutrient providing grains of various varieties.

Denver tomorrow...

Life v 2.0

Sep. 22nd, 2006 10:38 pm
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So, everything is packed and waiting for the movers, who will be arriving sometime between 8am and 10am. The movers, like all of the other 15 companies that I contacted (yes, 15... that is not an exaggeration), refuse to provide a definitive delivery date for my stuff. So, I will be without the usual household wares for somewhere between 5 and 14 days. Therefore, the car is also full of two good sized suitcases, a clothes basket full of bed linens and essential electronic/networking tools, some medical necessities, a shower bench and a pillow for the dog. After the movers leave, I will be adding myself, my chair and the dog. Thank your God of choice that I upgraded my car.

Even mother nature seems to be mad that I am leaving. The City of Chicago activated their tornado sirens tonight for the first time in DECADES. Yes, decades. The sirens have not even been used since they were updated in the 90's. Weather systems tend to weaken heavily as they get over the city and approach the lake (re-energizing over the lake and slamming Western MI). Thankfully, the major damage was confined to a few blocks to the west of us.

So, anyway, assuming it is not raining when the movers are done in the morning, Kenn and I will be going to the Golden Apple for breakfast and then I will be setting out for day 1 of my 1900 mile trip. Here's the plan:

Saturday - CHI - Omaha (about 7 hours)
Sunday - Omaha - Denver (about 9 hours)
Monday - Denver - Albuquerque (about 7 hours)
Tuesday - Albuquerque - Phoenix (about 7 hours, night in a PHX hotel)
Wednesday - pick up keys to new place and wait for phone/cable/Internet to be hooked up... unpack the minor amount of stuff I will have with me.

I start the new job on October 9, so I will have a couple weeks to get adjusted and settled in. Hopefully, my stuff will arrive early enough that I can get unpacked before starting work. My mom will be flying into PHX the weekend of Oct 3-5 to help me get set up in the new place... so, I REALLY hope the stuff arrives before then.

Now I need to transfer some files to my laptop and pack up the desktop, monitor and printer.

I'll post status updates every day, assuming the promised hotel Wi-Fi works.

PS - Grey's Anatomy rocks. Random I know, but the TiVo is playing the season premier that I wasn't able to watch last night.
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As promised, HERE is the link to the Daily Show report I mentioned in my last post. Enjoy!

(there is a short, yet annoying ad that plays before the actual content)
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If you missed the Daily Show Wednesday, you missed a very amusing interview. It seems that a man moved his family (wife and 2 children) to THE CASTRO in SAN FRAN, and then started complaining about all the inappropriate stuff his children were faced with, and the inconvenience of all of the various street festivals. It was quite funny, and yet sad. I can't find a video clip online yet, put I will post it when it becomes available.

The correspondent (I forget which one) ended the segment with the line "He's here, he's not queer and its unclear why he's here."

Classic. :-)
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One veto in 6 years and it has to be this one...

Rove's Words
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Alright, this is seriously funny stuff... Some of you may have heard of askaninja.com, but I hadn't. In any case, its a couple of improv comedian guys. Here's a link to their review of Pirates Redux. I haven't laughed that hard in a while.
I should mention that I have not seen the movie, so my posting of this link in no way implies how I felt about the film... Its just funny.

LINK - Ask A Ninja
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This week's cover. Hehe...

New Car

Jun. 18th, 2006 02:48 pm
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I finally got around to getting the new car that I posted about a while back... I really like it... Hand controls are not in yet, but that will happen soon. For now, I actually have two cars, since I still have the Saturn - when I get the controls transfered I will sell the old one (perhaps at CarMax). Dodge is paying for the transfer of the controls too. The best part - the chair fits in the back, allowing room for more than 2 passengers... In theory, the car seats up to 5 people... but for small values of people. Four is more likely.

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