Apr. 17th, 2007

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My pre-show predictions were that Jordin and Chris would be most comfortable in the country music genre. Let me admit up front, I am a closeted country fan. Its weird, other than Garth Brooks, I don't voluntarily listen to country music on a regular basis. But when I hear some of the songs on American Idol or in my brother's car, I am usually pleasantly surprised.

Here are my thoughts - in performance order:

Phil - its true, he can sing... there's no way he's going home tonight. It will be interesting to see if this is enough to push him out of the bottom three. I say yes.

Jordin - I keep saying this, but how is this girl 17? Seriously, put me down to buy her first album. Tonight, Simon Cowell told her that he thought she might win this competition. I've been saying that for three weeks Simon, get with it.

San-gina (Rhymes with a feminine body part) - I think the producers are now officially trying to keep him on the show. They give him very 12-year-old girl friendly audience interaction moments. Thankfully, his singing was even worse than usual tonight. With Phil being listen-able this week (if not nice to look at), he may finally be going home.

Lakisha - I thought this was horrible. Her worst performance in my memory. To steal Randy's catchphrase, that was pitchy dog. If San-gina doesn't go home, I think she will. When they said she was going to sing this song, I thought that was a good idea, since the song could so easily be gospel-y. But she missed it completely. I felt aurally assaulted.

Chris - I thought this would be his week, because you can get away with much sloppier diction and even intonation in country music. If he were going to sing a Rascal Flats song, there truly are many, many better choices (thanks to Stina, I actually own their last album). That song wasn't good, and neither was he. Again, pitchy and I thought he was completely bored.

Melinda - As usual, what can you say about Melinda? She is like a seasoned professional. She may have even been a little sexy tonight. Just a little bit. Definitely not the usual for her. And, praise the deity of your choice, the song wasn't from the Motown Diva songbook. Way to break out of the mold Mindy-doo. You rocked tonight.

Blake - The resident AI heartthrob (IMHO), takes on country music's perpetual heartthrob (Tim McGraw - remember "Don't Take the Girl"?). My impression - DEER IN HEADLIGHTS. He was so completely uncomfortable. It wasn't bad, and he sounded fine, if not perfect. But, not the wow factor he needs at this point.

In order (best to worst) for the week:
Jordin, Melinda, Phil, Blake, Chris, Lakisha, Sanjaya.

Going Home:
Any of the bottom three above, plus Phil, could go. I am in favor of Sanjaya going home, and I would rather see Chris go than Lakisha... but as I have said in the past, Lakisha is the weakest of the three divas, and at some point her votes will run out. In her favor this week - the song she sang was a huge hit (and Grammy and CMA winner) for Idol winner Carrie Underwood. NOT in her favor, Carrie did it way better. I really think Phil saved himself for another week, which could be bad for Chris, because those votes have to come from somewhere. Bottom line, I have no idea. I have a strong feeling that Sanjaya still has a week or two on the show, so bye-bye CHRIS. Yes, after all of that, I am saying Chris. But I still think Sanjaya and Lakisha are on very shaky ground.

THE PREDICTIONS (made on 4/3)
1) Jordin (was in top five last week)
2) Melinda (was in top five last week)
3) Blake (was in top five last week)
4) Lakisha (was in top five last week)
5) Chris R. (was in bottom three last week)
6) Sanjaya (was in top five last week)
7) Haley (was ELIMINATED last week)
8) Gina (was ELIMINATED two weeks ago)
9) Phil (was in bottom three last week)


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